Welcome to The ADHD Center of North Dallas!

Our Philosophy:



The ADHD Center of North Dallas is committed to providing expert care that incorporates the latest research and up-to-date clinical techniques. Our goals include accurate diagnosis of presenting problems and co-existing conditions, patient and family education, providing a variety of treatment options for patients and families to chose from, successful treatment of disabling symptoms, and high-quality clinical research into attention disorders and treatments.


At the Center we take a broader approach to the initial evaluation of an individual with attention and concentration problems. Our approach is to develop a profile of an individual’s abilities, identifying not only areas of weakness but also areas of strength. We also provide medical evaluations of other conditions, both physical and psychological, that can interfere with attention, memory, and optimal learning. We then work with the individual and/or family to help them understand the profile and explain any diagnosed medical conditions.


For our younger patients, we will help them understand -appropriate to their developmental age- how they learn best. We want to begin to instill in them the concept that they can become academically successful. For our adult patients, we will help build new strategies and techniques for approaching work and important tasks more efficiently.


We strive to help and treat individuals in our practice, not their labels. We remember that individuals grow, develop, and change over time. Our approach and treatment plan will also evolve and change to match current needs.


At the ADHD Center of North Dallas our goal is to translate current research into language we can all understand in order to enhance the accomplishment of our patients.